JRA 16 (2003)

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1.A new view of the origins of the Basilica by K. Welch
2.Glimpsing Alexandria from archaeological evidence by J. McKenzie
3.Possible implications of the Egyptian name for Alexandria by J. Baines
4.The tropaeum of Augustus at Nikopolis by K. Zachos
5.Augustus in Germania and his new ‘town’ at Waldgirmes east of the Rhine by S. von Schnurbein
6.TEMPLUM DIVI TRAIANI PARTHICI ET PLOTINAE: a debate with R. Meneghini by J. Packer
7. Social distinctions and issues of privacy in the toilets of Hadrian’s Villa by G. C. M. Jansen
8.Building a Roman bath for the cameras by F. Yegül with T. Couch
9.New evidence from tile-stamps for imperial properties near Gravina by A. M. Small, V. Volterra & R. G. V. Hancock
10.Ubique gentium quadriuges et seiuges currus: Gespannmonumente für Angehörige der hohen ordines? by D. Erkelenz
11.New light on Roman Kent by J. H. Williams
12.The vision of Constantine by P. Weiss
13.‘Vanishing villas’: what happened to élite rural habitation in the West? by T. Lewit
14.Legio VII Gemina and its Flavian fortress at León by A. Morillo & V. García-Marcos
15.Recent excavations and sculptural finds in the colony of Astigi by A. Romo Salas
16.The Roman odeion at Epidaurus by K. Aslanidis
17.The Domus ‘del chirurgo’ at Rimini ... medical assemblage by R. Jackson
18.Roman surgical spoon-probes and their ancient names by L. J. Bliquez
19.The Roman combination knife and spoon by D. Sherlock
20.Late-Roman bead necklaces and bracelets by E. Swift
21.A lost consular diptych of Anicius Auchenius Bassus (A.D. 408) by J. Spier
22.Sarcophagi in the necropolis of Andriake, near Myra (Lycia) by E. Ugurlu
23.The walled town of Dyrrachium (Durres): new light on the early defences by A. Gutteridge & A. Hoti
24.An amphitheater and its afterlives: Durres amphitheatre by K. Bowes & A. Hoti with W. Bowden, K. Francis, J. Mitchell, B. Muka, P. Reynolds & J. Vroom
25.Social aspects of the late-antique village of Shivta by Y. Hirschfeld