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1.JRA 33 (2020): "Religious history in the making" by J. Bodel (a review of Jörg Rüpke, Pantheon. A new history of Roman religion)
2.JRA 33 (2020): What was the Roman empire? by C. Ando (a review of Emma Dench, Empire and political cultures in the Roman world)
3.JRA 33 (2020): The sculptor’s workshop at Aphrodisias: the remains of a sculptural practice from the Severan age to late antiquity by E. K. Gazda (a review of Julie Van Voorhis, The sculptor's workshop. Aphrodisias Band X. Results of excavations at Aphrodisias in Caria conducted by New York University)
4.JRA 33 (2020): Diatreta (cage cups): the debate continues by S. Fünfschilling (a review of David Whitehouse, Cage cups. Late Roman luxury glasses)
5.JRA 33 (2020): The myths of Boxford: questions about the patron and the designer of the mosaic by K. M. D. Dunbabin
6.JRA 33 (2020): The Gothic invasions of the mid-3rd c. A.D. and the Battle of Abritus: coins and archaeology in east-central Barbaricum by A. Bursche & K. Myzgin
7.JRA 32 (2019): Burnswark Hill: the opening shot of the Antonine reconquest of Scotland? by J. H. Reid & A. Nicholson
8.JRA 32 (2019): Capricorno Alae VII Phrygum ... (i) Interim report on the fort near Tel Shalem by Benjamin Arubas, Michael Heinzelmann, David Mevorah and Andrew Overman
9.JRA 32 (2019): The “classical” concept in art through the ages and the inventiveness of Roman art by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway (a review of Caroline Vout, Classical Art. A life history from antiquity to the present)
10.JRA 32 (2019): The gold bust (imago) of Septimius Severus from Didymoteicho (Plotinopolis) by Anne de Pury-Gysel
11.JRA 32 (2019): Back to M. I. Finley’s ancient city: town and country, landowners and the rest at Pompeii by Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (a review of Miko Flohr and Andrew Wilson (edd.), The economy of Pompeii)