JRA 17 (2004)

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1.Being Roman: expressing identity in a provincial setting by D. Mattingly
2.Dix ans de fouilles et recherches à Glanum by S. Agusta-Boularot, M. Christol, M. Gazenbeek, Y. Marcadal, V. Mathieu, J.-L. Paillet, A. Rapin, A. Roth Congès, J.-C. Sourisseau et H. Tréziny
3.The study of urbanization in the Potenza valley (Picenum) by F. Vermeulen & G. Verhoeven
4.Forerunners of the scrollwork on the Ara Pacis Augustae made by a Western Asiatic workshop by R. Cohon
5.The making of an élite house: the House of the Vestals at Pompeii by R. Jones & D. Robinson
6.Una pittura senza maestri: la produzione della pittura parietale by I. Bragantini
7.Designing for a market: ‘medianum’ apartments at Ostia by J. DeLaine
8.Raising a sceptre: confession-narratives from Lydia and Phrygia by R. Gordon
9.The production of Roman ferrous armour: a metallographic survey by M. Fulford, D. Sim & A. Doig
10.Roman wooden force pumps by R. Stein
11.Re-evaluating the Roman West in the 3rd c. A.D. by C. Witschel
12.Late-antique art in Syria and its Umayyad evolutions by G. Fowden
13.Romanization at Paestum in the 3rd c. B.C.: the PAISTANO coins and wall-paintings by H. W. Horsnæs
14.Locating the ancient port of Muziris: fresh findings from Pattanam by K. P. Shajan, R. Tomber, V. Selvakumar and P. J. Cherian
15.Three seasons of excavations at Khirbet Qumran by M. Broshi & H. Eshel
16.Re-thinking sacred “rubbish”: the temple of Mithras at Tienen by M. Martens
17.Ritual deposits of Mithraic cult-vessels by C. Ulbert, J.-C. Wulfmeier & I. Huld-Zetsche
18.The distribution of bars at Pompeii by S. J. R. Ellis
19.Unofficial cast coinage in 3rd-c. Gaul (Châteaubleau) by F. Pilon
20.The Roman fort at Qubur al Bid, Mesopotamia by G. A. Wood
21.The Roman fort at Yotvata: interim report (2003) by U. Avner, G. Davies & J. Magness
22.Preliminary report on the Diaporit excavations, 2002-3 by W. Bowden & L. Përzhita
23.The awning apparatus of the theatre at Saint-Bertrand- de-Comminges by D. Millette
24.Refléxions critiques sur les chapelles militaires (aedes principiorum) by M. Reddé