JRA 15 (2002)

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1.River port, navalia, and harbour temple at Ostia by M. Heinzelmann & A. Martin
2.‘It all comes out in the wash’: Looking harder at the Roman fullonica by M. Bradley
3.La turba inpia: artigiani e commercianti del Foro Romano e dintorni by E. Papi
4.Un edificio del centro monumental de Carthago Nova by J. M. Noguera Celdrán
5.A model of demographic and economic change in Roman Egypt after the Antonine plague by W. Scheidel
6.The effects of plague: model and evidence by R. S. Bagnall
7.Production centres of African red slip ware (3rd-7th c.) by M. Mackensen & G. Schneider
8.Figuring out the Anguipede (‘snake-legged god’) by Á. M. Nagy
9.The divinatory kit from Pergamon and Greek magic by A. Mastrocinque
10.Another view of the Pergamon divination kit by R. Gordon
11.Roman and late-antique Butrint: excavations and survey 2000-2001 by W. Bowden, R. Hodges, K. Lako
12.Halmyris, a settlement and fort near the mouth of the Danube: interim report by M. Zahariade & M. K. Phelps
13.Notes on the rural landscape of central Tyrrhenian Italy in the 6th-5th c. B.C. by G. Cifani
14.The goddess Maia on denarii of Domitian by T. V. Buttrey
15.Another Alexander mosaic: reconstructing the Hunt mosaic from Palermo by W. Wootton
16.Galerius, Gamzigrad, and the Fifth Macedonian legion by D. N. Christodoulou
17.Les fours à chaux en Grèce by B. Demierre
18.The wall-top of the Late-Roman defences at Saint-Bertrand- de-Comminges by J. Wood
19.Vestiges d’un parapet antique près de la tour du Sacraire Saint-Sernin à Carcassonne by J.-P. Fourdrin
20.Le couronnement du rempart de Saint-Lézer (Castum Bigorra) by C. Darles, A. Badie, J.-J. Malmary
21.Inscriptions de l’hippodrome de Tyr by J.-P. Rey-Coquais
22.Roman and Early Christian burial-complex at Leptiminus: first notice by N. Ben Lazreg
23.Response to the comments of B. Bergmann and C. H. Hallett in vol. 14 by R. Tybout
24.Response to the comments of D. R. Blackman and Y. Peleg (JRA 14, 411-14) by P. Kessener
25.The Severan coin hoard from Shapwick: a comment by R. Reece