JRA 33 (2020) is being mailed out right now. It is already available online to the institutional subscribers hosted on the Cambridge Core website. Click here to read the full text of a sensational article from JRA 33 (2020) by Aleksander Bursche and Kirill Myzgin, “The Gothic invasions of the mid-3rd c. A.D. and the Battle of Abritus”. All orders and payments for this and the earlier annual volumes should continue to be sent to: JRA, 95 Peleg Road, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871, USA or to If this year you wish us to send it to a different address, please let us know.

Cambridge University Press will be responsible for the publication of the annual journal starting with volume 34 (2021): They will send invoices for 2021 in advance to the existing subscribers.

All submissions of articles should now be sent to Prof. Jen Trimble at

All commissioned reviews should now be sent to Dr. Justin Leidwanger at

For publishers wishing to send a new  book for review, please first contact Dr Leidwanger by email before sending any physical books. (he currently has limited access to office facilities).


John and Laura Humphrey at JRA will continue to publish and distribute the supplementary series, both all the published volumes (up to S109 which appeared in early August 2020) and the three more now in preparation. All orders and payments for the supplementary series should continue to be sent to: JRA, 95 Peleg Road, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871, USA or to (please note that titles in the supplementary series cannot be ordered from or supplied by Cambridge University Press).

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The Journal of Roman Archaeology (JRA) is an international journal concerned with Italy and all parts of the Roman world from about 700 B.C. to about A.D. 700. JRA covers a wide range of topics such as Roman history, epigraphy, numismatics, underwater archaeology, pottery, architecture, sculpture, and mosaics.