JRA 32 (2019)

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1.Cheap, fast good: the Roman glassblowing revolution reconsidered by K. A. Larson
2.Roma e le prime importazioni di alimenti ispanici trasportati in anfora by G. Rizzo & V. Moreno Megías
3.The multifaceted architectural refinements in the Julio-Claudian Sebasteion at Aphrodisias by P. T. Stinson
4.Utica’s urban centre from Augustus to the Antonines by E. Fentress & B. Russell
5.Water and stone: the economics of wall-painting in Pompeii (A.D. 62-79) by F. Bologna
6.Towards a cultural biography of Roman painting by I. Bragantini
7.Notes on the elogium of a benefactor at Pompeii by J. Bodel, A. Bendlin, S. Bernard, C. Bruun & J. Edmondson
8.The manpower of the Roman fleets by M. Lavan
9.Capricorno Alae VII Phrygum ... (i) Interim report on the fort near Tel Shalem by B. Arubas, M. Heinzelmann, D. Mevorah & A. Overman
10.(ii) Interim report on the inscriptions from the aedes of the fort near Tel Shalem by A. Ecker, B. Arubas, M. Heinzelmann & D. Mevorah
11.Los negocios de Caius Iuventius Albinus en la Bética by J. Remesal Rodríguez & J. Moros Díaz
12.Painted marks at El Mèdol quarry near Tarragona: observations on the logistics and organisation of a Roman limestone quarry by M. S. Vinci
13.The archaeology of ancient cult: from foundation deposits to religion in Roman Mithraism by M. M. McCarty, M. Egri & A. Rustoiu
14.The gold bust (imago) of Septimius Severus from Didymoteicho (Plotinopolis) by A. de Pury-Gysel
15.The man who came late to dinner. A sundial, a raven, and a missed dinner party on a mosaic at Tarsus by K. M. D. Dunbabin, I. Adak Adıbelli, M. Çavuş & D. Alper
16.The late-antique eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 472 and its impact from the Bay of Naples to Aeclanum by G. F. De Simone & B. Russell
17.A monastery in Magdala (Taricheae)? by S. De Luca & U. Leibner
18.Advances in the archaeology of the Roman conquest Reconsidering the Roman conquest: new archaeological perspectives by N. Roymans & M. Fernández-Götz
19.Recent research on the Cantabrian Wars: the archaeological reconstruction of a mountain war by E. J. Peralta Labrador, J. Camino Mayor & J. F. Torres-Martínez
20.Conquest, mass violence and ethnic stereotyping: investigating Caesar’s actions in the Germanic frontier zone by N. Roymans
21.Burnswark Hill: the opening shot of the Antonine reconquest of Scotland? by J. H. Reid & A. Nicholson
22.Roman attitudes to empire and imperialism: the view from history by H. Cornwell
23.The production centres and river network of Italian terra sigillata between the Arno and Tiber valleys: a geographical point of view by M. Sternini
24.Scène de boxe sur un bas-relief inédit de Gaule Narbonnaise: réflexions sur le ceste romain by J.-P. Thuillier
25.The Ploutonion of Hierapolis in the 5th-7th c. A.D. by F. D’Andria
26.The Bouleuterion and its environs in Early Imperial Aphrodisias by U. Quatember