JRA 24 (2011)

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1. Aventicum (Avenches), capital of the Helvetii: a history of research, 1985-2010. Part I. Early Roman Aventicum and its origins by A. de Pury-Gysel
2.A debate on the Horologium of Augustus:controversy and clarifications by L. Haselberger
3.The Augustus Code: a response to L. Haselberger by P. J. Heslin
4.The Horologium on the Campus Martius reconsidered by M. Schütz
5.The Horologium of Augustus as a sundial by R. Hannah
6.The Horologium of Augustus and its model at Alexandria by Géza Alföldy
7.Infant death and burial in Roman Italy by M. Carroll
8. The monumental centre of Herculaneum: in search of the identities of the public buildings by A. Wallace-Hadrill
9.Evidence for Junian Latins in the tombs of Pompeii? by A. L. C. Emmerson
10.Placing paniskoi herms within Augustan propaganda at Pompeii by S. Gavel
11.Reconsidering animal husbandry and diet in the northwest provinces by R. Hesse
12.Two studies on Roman London A: London's military origins by D. Perring
13.B: population decline and ritual landscapes in antonine london by D. Perring
14. Depicting barbarism on fire: architectural destruction on the Columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius by E. Wolfram Thill
15.Dynamics of fineware production and trade: the puzzle of supra-regional exporters by T. Lewit
16.Villa Magna near Anagni: the emperor, his winery and the wine of Signia by E. Fentress and M. Maiuro
17.Water features, the atrium, and the coastal setting of Oplontis Villa A. by M. L. Thomas and J. R. Clarke
18.Architectural innovation in the land of the Iceni: a new complex near Venta Icenorum (Norfolk) by W. Bowden
19.Anatomy of a Phoenician goddess: the Tyche of Berytus and her acolytes by A. J. M. Kropp
20. An octagonal bath-house at Bax Farm, Teynham by P. Wilkinson
21.Preliminary report on Sofiana/mansio Philosophiana in the hinterland of Piazza Armerina by K. Bowes, M. Ghisleni, G. F. La Torre and E. Vaccaro
22.The late-antique walls of Thessalonica and their place in the development of eastern military architecture by E. Rizos
23.The Roman fort at Yotvata: a foundation under Valens? by G. Davies and J. Magness
24.Palazzi di Casignana near Locri: a palatial residence in late-antique Calabria by G. Bruni