JRA 23 (2010)

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1.Persistence and change in settlement patterns in the Ofanto valley by R. Goffredo
2.Pentelic marble in architecture at Rome and the Republican marble trade by S. G. Bernard
3.Amiternum and the upper Aterno valley: a Sabine-Roman town and its territory by M. Heinzelmann, D. Jordan and C. Murer
4.Preliminary report on Herod’s mausoleum and theatre with a royal box at Herodium by E. Netzer, Y. Kalman, R. Porath and R. Chachy-Laureys
5.Water, oxygen isotopes, and immigration to Ostia-Portus by C. Bruun
6.A response to C. Bruun by K. Killgrove
7.Silver in ancient pottery: context matters by D. Adan-Bayewitz, K. W. Slane, F. Asaro and R. D. Giauque
8.Fish bones and amphorae: evidence for the production and consumption of salted fish products by W. Van Neer, A. Ervynck and P. Monsieur
9.From Roman temple to Byzantine church: a preliminary report on Sepphoris in transition by Z. Weiss
10.Excavations at Khirbet Wadi Hamam (Lower Galilee): the synagogue and the settlement by U. Leibner
11.A figural mosaic in the synagogue at Khirbet Wadi Hamam by U. Leibner and S. Miller
12.Tsunamis and the port of Caesarea Maritima over the longue durée by H. Dey and B. Goodman-Tchernov
13.Christian icon practice in apocryphal literature: consecration and the conversion of synagogues by P. Dilley
14.The production and usage of non-decorated Etruscan roof-tiles by G. E. Meyers, L. M. Jackson, and J. Galloway
15.New work on the plan of Aquileia based on aerial photographs and a GIS platform by M. Buora and V. Roberto
16.On the location of Leuke Kome by D. Nappo
17.The building inscription from the fort at Udruh and Aelius Flavianus, tetrarchic praeses of Palaestina by C. Davenport
18.A grotto-shrine at the headwaters of the Aqua Traiana by R. Taylor, K. Rinne, E. O'Neill, and M. O'Neill
19.The “Temple of Hadrian” on Curetes Street in Ephesus by U. Quatember
20. Clamp-holes and marble veneers: the Pantheon’s lost original facing by A. S. Reiterman
21.The pantomime Theonoe on a mosaic from Zeugma by K. M. D. Dunbabin
22.A note on lead projectiles (glandes, molybdides) in support of sling bullets by J. Ma