JRA 7 (1994)

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1.Coin circulation and the integration of the Roman economy by C. Howgego
2.Technology and innovation in context: the Roman background to mediaeval developments by K. Greene
3.Scholars, Etruscans, and Attic painted vases by J. P. Small
4.The Roman arena in late-Republican Italy by K. Welch
5.‘Powerful images’: responses to portraits and the political uses by A. P. Gregory
6.Spear-won land at Boscoreale by R. R. R. Smith
7.The maturing of the Fourth Style: the Casa delle Nozze d’Argento by W. C. Archer
8.Proconsuls of Africa, the future emperor Galba and the togatus in the Villa Massimo by C. F. Konrad
9.Trajan’s Forum again: the Column and the Temple of Trajan in the master plan attributed to Apollodorus(?) by J. E. Packer
10.Settlement patterns and landscape in the coastal area of Patras by M. Petropoulos and A. D. Rizakis
11.Cosa in the empire: the unmaking of a Roman town by E. Fentress
12.Rings, fibulae and buckles with imperial portraits by I. M. Johansen
13.The Toledo bronze youth and East Mediterranean workshops by S. C. Jones
14.Pavimente als Bedeutungsträger herrscherlicher Legitimation by M. Donderer
15.The unit measurement of marble in Diocletian’s Prices Edict by S. Corcoran and J. DeLaine
16.Constantine, Silvester and the Church of S. Polyeuctus by G. Fowden
17. A review of archaeological studies on Iron-Age and archaic Latium by C. J. Smith
18.Republikanische Stadttore by I. Kader
19.A new proposal for the restoration of the theatre at Ferento by F. Sear
20.Roman Sicily by M. Bell
21.Culte de l’eau et dieux guérisseurs en Gaule by A. Roth Congès
22.The merits and challenges of an Annaliste approach to archaeology by R. B. Hitchner
23.Who worshipped Mithras? by R. Gordon