JRA 6 (1993)

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1.Hadrian’s Column of Trajan by A. Claridge
2.One hundred feet and a spiral stair: designing Trajan’s Column by M. Wilson Jones
3.Die Bidnistypen der iulisch-claudischen Kaiserfamilie by D. Boschung
4.The religious procession of the Ara Pacis by R. Billows
5.New investigations at the port of Arikamedu by V. Begley
6.Late-Roman silver plate: a reply to Alan Cameron by K. Painter
7.Wine and water at the Roman convivium by K. M. D. Dunbabin
8.Quantitative approaches to the investigation of long-distance exchange by R. Tomber
9.Five lessons in Roman ivory by A. Cutler
10.L’apport de l’ethno-archéologie à la connaissance des techniques antiques de construction: deux exemples tirés de la reconstruction partielle d’un temple à Glanum by P. Varène
11.Etat des recherches sur les carrières du Bois des Lens by J.-Cl. Bessac
12.The site of Myos Hormos by D. P. S. Peacock
13.The period 1C bath-building at Fishbourne and the problem of the Proto-palace by E. W. Black
14.The Yasmina necropolis at Carthage, 1992 by N. J. Norman & A. Haeckl
15.A newly-discovered cryptoporticus and bath at Carthage by M. B. Garrison, P. Foss and C. M. Wells
16.From Roman Gorsium to late-antique Herculia: Tác by J. Fitz & J. Fedak
17.Roman portraiture: reflections on the question of context by E. K. Gazda & A. Haeckl
18.The typology, history and authenticity of Roman marble craters by R. Cohon
19.Roman baths and bathing by J. DeLaine
20.A new era for amphitheatre studies by D. L. Bomgardner
21.Looking up Roman brickstamps by J. Bodel
22.‘Romanisation’ and Roman material culture by P. W. M. Freeman
23.Economic rationalism in Roman agriculture by D. P. Kehoe