JRA 3 (1990)

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1. Roman doctors and their instruments by R. Jackson
2.Research on Roman silver plate by C. Johns
3.World-systems analysis and the Roman empire by G. Woolf
4.Roman pottery production in central Tunisia by D. P. S. Peacock, F. Bejaoui, N. Ben Lazreg
5. Ipsa deae vestigia . Footprints divine and human by K. M. D. Dunbabin
6.The consumer city revisited: the vicus and the city by C. R. Whittaker
7. Gli Oppi : una famiglia di fabbricanti di lucerne by D. Maestripieri & M. Ceci
8.Il teatro di Leptis Magna: una rilettura by A. Di Vita
9.Rotary querns in Greece by C. Runnels
10.Second interim report on a Roman villa in Tuscany by M. A. Del Chiaro
11.A new Roman brickstamp from Etruria by J. Bodel
12.The supposed Augustan arch at Pavia (Ticinum) by C. B. Rose with L. Cozza
13.Sulla porta Appia by L. Cozza
14.The Ionic temple relief in the Capitoline by P. Rehak
15.Ein Prokonsul von Africa in der Villa Massimo? by Th. Schäfer
16.Cults of Hercules, Apollo Caelispex and Fortuna in and around the Roman Cattle Market by R. E. A. Palmer
17.Three new books on Trajan’s Column by J. C. N. Coulston
18.The theatre at Leptis Magna and the development of the Roman theatre design by F. B. Sear
19.Sibyls in the Greek and Roman world by D. Potter
20.The Athenian agora and the progress of Christianity by G. Fowden