JRA 2 (1989)

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1.Roman imperialism in the Greek landscape by S. Alcock
2.Designing the Roman Corinthian order by M. Wilison Jones
3.Gli studi degli ultimi anni sulla Sardegna romana by C. Vismara
4.Begram, the Periplus and Gandharan art by D. Whitehouse
5.Roman villas of the Greek east and the villa in Gregory of Nyssa by J. J. Rossiter
6.A new late republican-early imperial villa at Campo della Chiesa by M. Del Chiaro
7.Sul frammento 212 della Pianta marmorea by L. Cozza
8.The honorary arch at Mainz-Kastel by H. G. Frenz
9.P. Giss. 69: evidence for the supplying of stone transport operations in Roman Egypt by J. T. Peña
10.Some observations on the economy of Bruttium under the later Roman empire by P. Arthur
11.Rediscovering the Roman Forum by N. Purcell
12. The study of Roman triumphal and honorary arches by F. S. Kleiner
13.The transformation of classical cities and the Pirenne debate by S. J. B. Barnish
14.Emperors on the move by T. D. Barnes
15.The frontiers of the Roman empire: some recent work by V. A. Maxfield
16.The end of antiquity in two illuminated manuscripts by A. Cutler