JRA 27 (2014)

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1.The shape of the Roman world: modelling imperial connectivity by W. Scheidel
2.Bronze rostra from the Egadi Islands off NW Sicily: the Latin inscriptions by J. R. W. Prag
3.The beginnings of Rome’s conquest of Hispania: Castellet de Banyoles by J. Noguera, D. Asensio, E. Ble and R. Jornet
4.El santuario republicano de Nertobriga Concordia Iulia: los rituales de fundación by L. Berrocal-Rangel, J. L. De La Barrera y R. Caso
5.Integrating survey data for studying the townscape of Contributa Iulia Ugultania by P. Mateos Cruz, A. Pizzo and V. Mayoral Herrera
6.Reconsidering Britain’s first urban communities by M. Pitts
7.Animals in the urban fabric of Ostia by M. MacKinnon
8.Design, function and use-wear in spoons by E. Swift
9.Everyday cooking and eating: a pantry at the Vilauba villa by L. Colominas, P. Castanyer and J. Tremoleda
10.Macellum / µάκελλον: ‘Roman’ food markets in Asia Minor and the Levant by J. Richard
11.The Christian sarcophagus population of Rome by R. Couzin
12.The life and afterlife of Constantine’s Column by R. Ousterhout
13.Huqoq (Lower Galilee) and its synagogue mosaics by J. Magness, S. Kisilevitz, K. Britt,
M. Grey and C. Spigel
14.Archaeological evidence for the tsunami of January 18, A.D. 749 (Caesarea Maritima) by H. Dey, B. Goodman-Tchernov and J. Sharvit
15.The “high place” of Jabal Khubthah: a suburb of Petra by L. Tholbecq, S. Delcros and N. Paridaens
16.A computational investigation of the thermal environment of the caldarium by T. Oetelaar, L. A. Hughes, J. W. Humphrey, C. R. Johnston and D. H. Wood
17.Remaining Roman in death at Corinth? A debate with K. W. Slane by M. E. Hoskins Walbank
18.Transport amphorae Lamboglia 2 and Dressel 6A: Italy and/or Dalmatia? by M.-B. Carre, P. Monsieur
and S. Pesavento Mattioli
19.Lead net-sinkers as an indicator of fishing activities by M. K. Dütting & S. Hoss
20.Brooches and burials: expressions of identity in cemeteries of the Batavian civitas by S. Heeren
21.Nisibis, capital of the province of Mesopotamia by R. Palermo
22.Tile-stamps of Philippianus in Late Roman Sicily by R. J. A. Wilson
23.The Justinianic plague: dated Greek epitaphs of Byzantine Palestine and Arabia by N. Benovitz (with additional online appendix)