JRA 26 (2013)

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1.Reconsidering the arches (fornices) of the Roman Republic by A. H. Kontokosta
2.The Alexandrian Tychaion: a Pantheon? by J. S. McKenzie and A. T. Reyes
3.The textile economy of Pompeii by M. Flohr
4.The apple of discord: fleece-washing in Pompeii’s textile economy. A response to M. Flohr by N. Monteix
5.Minería romana en Carthago Nova: el Coto Fortuna (Murcia) y los precintos de plomo de la Societas Argentifodinarum Ilucronensium by J. A. Antolinos Marín, B. Díaz Ariño y M. C. Guillén Riquelme
6.L’origine de la roche mise en œuvre pour la construction du temple de Mercure, au sommet du Puy de Dôme, élucideé, et les implications archéologiques by D. Miallier, P. Boivin, B. Dousteyssier et P. Labazuy
7.Urban and rural Roman landscapes of central Apulia by C. S. Fioriello and A. Mangiatordi
8.C. Iulius Valerianus et C. Iulius Iulianus: mercatores del aceite bético en un signaculum de plomo para ánforas Dressel 20 by P. Berni Millet y D. Gorostidi Pi
9.Between local and long-distance: a Roman shipwreck at Fig Tree Bay off SE Cyprus by J. Leidwanger
10.Topography, monumentalization and funerary customs in urban necropoleis in Baetica by D. Vaquerizo
11.Coinage and images of the imperial family: local identity and Roman rule by M. Horster
12.What happened to gold coinage in the 3rd c. A.D.? by R. Bland
13. Reconstructing history through pottery: the contribution of Roman N African cookwares by V. Leitch
14.The late-antique villa at Noheda (Villar de Domingo García) near Cuenca and its mosaics by M. Á. Valero Tévar
15.Roman and late-antique shipwrecks with stone cargoes: a new inventory by B. Russell
16.Dobri Dyal: a Late Roman fortress on the lower Danube by A. G. Poulter
17.Ancient construction drawings and new methods of documentation: 3D white light scanning and 3D modeling by H. Bankel
18.A case of mistaken identity? Laser-scanning the bronze “Claudius” from near Saxmundham by M. Russell and H. Manley
19. Stone emulated in glass: an alabastrum and a glass similis, both from Hispania by M. Cisneros, E. Ortiz and J. Á. Paz
20.Are Roman seal-boxes evidence for literacy? by C. Andrews
21.Zeugma as the provenance of 12 mosaic fragments at Bowling Green State University by S. M. Langin-Hooper, S. R. Martin & M. Õnal, with R. Molholt
22.The headquarters building in the tetrarchic fort at Nag’al-Hagar (Upper Egypt) by R. Franke
23.Explaining the maritime freight charges in Diocletian’s Prices Edict by W. Scheidel