S111. FROM THE PALATINE TO PIRRO LIGORIO: ARCHITECTURAL, SCULPTURAL AND ANTIQUARIAN STUDIES IN MEMORY OF AMANDA CLARIDGE (1949-2022), edited by G. J. C. Davis, J. DeLaine, Z. Kamash and C. R. Potts with contributions by E. Bartman, M. Bruno, I. Campbell, A. Claridge, R. Coates-Stephens, J. DeLaine, C. Evers, G. B. Fidanza, B. Fowlkes Childs, M. Goalen, S. Kay, E. La Rocca, P. Liverani, J. Pakkanen, P. Pensabene, E. Pomar, N. Purcell, S. Smith and S. Walker. Published December 2023.

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