JRA 30 (2017)

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1.Beef in Roman Italy by M. Ikeguchi
2.Buthrotum’s sacred topography and the imperial cult, I: the west courtyard and pavement inscription by D. R. Hernandez
3.Surrounded by the sea: re-investigating the villa maritima del Capo di Sorrento. Interim report by W. Filser, B. Fritsch, W. Kennedy, C. Klose, R. Perrella
4.The “lost” Nollekens Relief of an imperial sacrifice from Domitian’s Palace on the Palatine: its history, iconography and date by J. J. Pollini
5.The Vinkovci treasure of Late Roman silver plate: preliminary report by H. Vulić, D. Doračić, R. Hobbs & J. Lang
6.Athletes, acclamations and imagery from the end of antiquity by K. M. D. Dunbabin
7.Water-supply infrastructure of Byzantine Constantinople by K. Ward, J. Crow & M. Crapper
8.Re-using the gods: a 6th-c. statuary display at Sagalassos and a re-evaluation of pagan mythological statuary in Early Byzantine civic space by I. Jacobs & L. Stirling
9.The evolution and political use of élite domestic architecture at Poggio Civitate (Murlo) by A. Tuck
10.Urban development at Rome’s Porta Esquilina and church of San Vito over the longue durée by M. Andrews & S. Bernard
11.Rural religion, religious places and local identities in Hispania: the sanctuary at Can Modolell (Cabrera de Mar, Barcelona) by A. G. Sinner & V. Revilla Calvo
12.Minerva, urban defenses, and the continuity of cult at Pompeii by I. van der Graaff & S. J. R. Ellis
13.A systematic method for estimating the populations of Greek and Roman settlements by J. W. Hanson & S. G. Ortman
14.The salinae of O Areal (Vigo) and Roman salt production in NW Iberia by B. X. Currás
15.Roman peasant habitats and settlement in central Spain (1st c. B.C. – 4th c. A.D.) by J. Bermejo
16.Investigating the “Villa degli Antonini” at Lanuvium by D. Chatr Aryamontri & T. Renner
17.Housing slaves on estates: a proposed ergastulum at the Villa of Rufio (Giano dell’Umbria) by J. Molina Vidal, I. Grau Mira, F. Llidó López & J. F. Álvarez Tortosa
18.A new edition of the imperial regulation from the Lella Drebblia site near Dougga (AE 2001, 2083) by H. González Bordas & J. France
19.Conquest strategy and political discourse: new evidence for the conquest of Dacia from LiDAR analysis at Sarmizegetusa Regia by I. A. Oltean & W. S. Hanson
20.The Antonine Wall’s distance-slabs: LiDAR as metric survey by N. Hannon, D. J. Rohl & L. Wilson
21.Tituli pictisu due fronti di cava nel distretto di Bacakale a Docimium (Iscehisar, Afyonkarahisar) by M. Bruno
22.Livestock plagues in late antiquity, with a disassembling of the bovine panzootic of A.D. 376-386 by T. P. Newfield
23.Towards a typology of triangular bronze Hekate bases: contextualizing a new find from Sardis by W. Bruce & K. Jackson Miller
24.Baetican olive-oil trade under the Late Empire: new data on the production of Late Roman amphorae (Dressel 23) in the lower Genil valley by O. Bourgeon