JRA 20 (2007)

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1.Forwards and backwards in the historiography of Roman art by R. Brilliant
2.Geological observations of excavated sand (harenae fossiciae) used as fine aggregate in Roman pozzolanic mortars by M. Jackson, F. Marra, D. Deocampo, A. Vella, C. Kosso, and R. Hay
3.Hadrian’s lost Temple of Trajan by A. Claridge
4.Dating the Pantheon by L. M. Hetland
5.Villa settlements in Roman Transylvania by I. A. Oltean & W. S. Hanson
6.A relief of a water-powered stone saw mill on a sarcophagus at Hierapolis by T. Ritti, K. Grewe and P. Kessener
7.Mapping the Ager Faliscus road-system by G. Cifani, R. Opitz and S. Stoddart
8.Territory, city and private life at Suasa by P. L. Dall’Aglio, S. De Maria and M. Podini
9.Copper ingots from the W Mediterranean: chemical characterisation and provenance studies through lead- and copper isotope analyses by S. Klein, C. Rico, Y. Lahaye, H.-M. von Kaenel, C. Domergue and G. P. Brey
10.The Oplontis Project 2005-6 by M. L. Thomas & J. R. Clarke
11.Two groups of tituli picti from Pompeii and environs: Sicilian wine by J. T. Peña
12.Spectacle and ideology in the reliefs of the Anfiteatro at Capua by S. L. Tuck
13. Scaffolding signatures: putlog holes and the identification of individual builders in Ostian baths by D. Booms
14.The formation of a Roman landscape: the case of Antioch by A. U. De Giorgi
15.The Roman-period cemeteries at Gordion by A. L. Goldman
16.Diocletian’s Prices Edict: prices of seaborne transport and the average duration of maritime travel by P. Arnaud
17.The mithraeum at Hawarte and its paintings by M. Gawlikowski
18.Revisiting the ‘problem’ of agri deserti by C. Grey