JRA 19 (2006)

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1.Punic farms and Carthaginian colonists: surveying Punic rural settlement by P. van Dommelen
2.Reproducing a Roman maritime structure with Vitruvian pozzolanic concrete by J. P. Oleson, L. Bottalico, C. Brandon, R. Cucitore, E. Gotti, and R. L. Hohlfelder
3.he circulation of traffic in Pompeii’s Regio VI by E. E. Poehler
4.Outposts of empire: Vindolanda, Egypt and the empire of Rome by A. K. Bowman
5.Ideology and technology in Rome’s water supply: castella, the toponym AQVEDVCTIVM, and supply to the Palatine and Caelian hills by P. L. Tucci
6.Returning auxiliary veterans: some methodological considerations by T. Derks & N. Roymans
7.Veteran settlement in the Lower Rhineland by C. Bridger
8.A letter of Hadrian to Naryka (Eastern Locris) by C. P. Jones
9.Production centres of African Red Slip ware (2nd-3rd c.) by M. Mackensen & G. Schneider
10.A theatrical device on the Late Roman stage: the relief of Flavius Valerianus by K. M. D. Dunbabin
11.The Villa delle Grotte at Grottarossa by J. A. Becker
12.Giovanni Montiroli’s watercolors of Porta Maggiore by C. L. Lyons
13.Identifying Gennesar on the Sea of Galilee by U. Leibner
14.A dated typology for Roman rooftiles by P. Warry
15.The mithraeum at Lugo (Lucus Augusti) and its connection with Legio VII Gemina by J. Alvar, R. Gordon and C. Rodríguez
16.The cohors equitata fort at Tihau-Cetate, Romania by J. Bennett
17.A new Late-Roman urban centre in Isauria by H. Elton, M. Jackson, G. Mietke, J. Newhard, L. Özgenel, and E. Twigger
18.A painted residence at Ismant el-Kharab (Kellis) in the Dakhleh Oasis by C. Hope & H. Whitehouse
19.Glass finds in Slovenia and neighbouring areas by I. Lazar
20.A menorah with a cross carved on a column of Nymphaeum A at Laodicea ad Lycum by C. Simsek
21.Roman and Early Christian burial complex at Leptiminus (Lamta) by N. Ben Lazreg, S. Stevens, L. Stirling, and J. Moore
22.Cosa and the Antonine plague? by C. P. Jones
23.Footprints in the later Roman countryside: a response by T. Lewit