JRA 12 (1999)

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1.Considerazioni sull’occupazione protostorica nell’area sud-occidentale del Palatino by C. Angelelli & S. Falzone
2.The upper-class house as symbol and focus of emotion in Cicero by S. Treggiari
3.The annexe of the ‘Temple of Venus’ at Baiae by D. M. Jacobson & M. Wilson Jones
4.Peeling the onion: an approach to comparing vessel glass assemblages by H. E. M. Cool & M. J. Baxter
5.Axial peristyle houses in the western empire by K. E. Meyer
6.The landscape and economy of the territories of Pisae and Volaterrae by M. Pasquinucci & S. Menchelli
7.La topographie de la ville d’Arles durant l’Antiquité tardive by M. Heijmans
8.Diet in the Roman world: a regional inter-site comparison of the mammal bones by A. King
9.Emerald mining in Roman and Byzantine Egypt by I. Shaw, J. Bunbury & R. Jameson
10.The Great Palace of the Byzantine emperors and the Walker Trust excavations by J. Bardill
11.The Etruscan settlement of Poggio Colla (1995-98 excavations) by P. G. Warden, M. L. Thomas & J. Galloway
12.Recent research on the limes in the Netherlands by J. K. Haalebos & W. J. H. Willems
13.Cupel and crucible: the refining of debased silver in the Colonia Ulpia Traiana by T. Rehren & K. Kraus
14.Decline or prosperity at Roman Eretria? Industry, purple dye works, public buildings, and gravestones by S. G. Schmid
15.Ein Triumphbogen für Hadrian im Tal von Beth Shean bei Tel Shalem by W. Eck & G. Foerster
16.Deliveries extra urbem: aqueducts and the countryside by A. Wilson
17.Quelques réflexions sur Caesarea/Cherchel et Barbegal by P. Leveau
18.Eighteen new pieces from the late Roman silver treasure of Kaiseraugst by A. Kaufmann- Heinimann
19.The Constantinian Bishop’s church at Ostia: preliminary report on the 1998 season by F. A. Bauer & M. Heinzelmann
20.Nephelis: a recently discovered town of coastal Rough Cilicia by I. Karamut & J. Russell
21.Brief notice on a possible early 4th-c. church at ‘Aqaba by S. T. Parker
22.Amphoras and roof-tiles from Late Roman Cyprus: a compositional study of calcareous ceramics from Kalavasos-Kopetra by M. L. Rautman, H. Neff, B. Gomez, S. Vaughan, and M. D. Glascock
23.Research on the Roman and early Byzantine frontier in North Syria by M. Konrad
24.Interim report on Khirbet Yattir in Judea: a mosque and a monastic church by H. Eshel, J. Magness, and E. Shenhav, with J. Besonen
25.Frescoes and carved ivory from the Abbasid family homestead at Humeima by R. M. Foote