JRA 13 (2000)

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1.New letters of Hadrian to Aphrodisias by J. M. Reynolds
2.Subject selection and viewer reception of Greek portraits from Herculaneum and Tivoli by S. Dillon
3.Replicating the body politic: the Herculaneum Women statue types by J. Trimble
4.A history of earlier excavations in the arena of the Colosseum by G. Schingo
5.The wooden arena flooring of the Colosseum by H.-J. Beste
6.Studying the valley of the Colosseum (1970-2000) by R. Rea
7.The aqueduct at Aspendos and its inverted siphon by P. Kessener
8.Rural settlement economy in Northern Gaul in the Late Empire by P. van Ossel & P. Ouzoulias
9.Bibliography of the works of Herbert Bloch by J. Bodel
10.The inscribed bowl from the Garigliano (Minturnae) by P. B. Harvey, jr.
11.A new identification for the ‘Porticus Aemilia’ by S. Tuck
12.The triple arch of Augustus and the Roman triumph by R. T. Scott
13.P. Lucilius Gamala’s feasts for the Ostians and their Roman models by J. H. D’Arms
14.Herbert Bloch and the new CIL XV.1 by E. M. Steinby
15.Archaic terracotta acroteria representing Athena and Heracles by P. S. Lulof
16.Investigating the gardens of the Villa of Livia by A. Klynne & P. Liljenstolpe
17.Vitruvius’ monstra by S. Yerkes
18.Roman estates on the island of Brioni, Istria by I. Schrunk & V. Begović
19.Roman ley-farming by G. Kron
20.P.Oxy. 4527 and the Antonine plague in Egypt by R. S. Bagnall
21.Ancient sounding weights by J. P. Oleson
22.Late-antique reworking of the Ara Pacis? by N. Hannestad
23.Possible amphora kiln sites in W Rough Cilicia by N. K. Rauh & K. W. Slane
24.New excavations in the East Church at Halutza by H. Goldfus, B. Arubas & K. Bowes
25.Khirbet Yattir: a note on the church in area by D H. Eshel, J. Magness & E. Shenhav
26.The Roman to Byzantine transition in the Balkans: preliminary results on Nicopolis by A. Poulter
27.A decorated bone ring from a cabinet or chest and workshop procedures by W. Stern