JRA 9 (1996)

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1.Tot aquarum tam multis necessariis molibus... Recent studies on aqueducts and water supply by R. J. A. Wilson
2.Typology and diversity in the portraits of Augustus by R. R. R. Smith
3.Rock crystal: the key to cut glass and diatreta in Persia and Rome by M. Vickers
4.Convivial spaces: dining and entertainment in the Roman villa by K. M. D. Dunbabin
5.Landscape paintings in the Villa of Oplontis by J. R. Clarke
6.The impact of the Antonine plague by R. P. Duncan-Jones
7. The Barbegal water mill in its environment by P. Leveau
8.The villas of the Vallée des Vaux and the Barbegal mill: La Mérindole villa by P. Bellamy & R. B. Hitchner
9.The carbonized archive from Petra by L. Koenen
10.The 7th-c. Yassi Ada shipwreck: capacities and standard sizes of LRA1 amphoras by P. G. van Alfen
11.Justinian, the limitanei, and Arab-Byzantine relations by P. J. Casey
12.Fish sauces from Herodian Masada by H. Cotton, O. Lernau & Y. Goren
13.A forged masterpiece (Detroit Institute of Arts) by R. Cohon
14.The earliest extant diploma issued by Vespasian by M. M. Roxan
15.Scène de jeu sur une lampe romaine d'Algérie by M. Feugère
16.The portraits of a civic benefactor of 2nd-c. Ephesos by S. Dillon
17.The villa of Torre de Palma (Alto Alentejo) by S. J. Maloney & J. R. Hale
18.Orfitus and Constantius: a note on Roman gold-glasses by A. Cameron