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M. Yacoub:

·      13.716: M. Yacoub, Splendeurs des mosaïques de Tunisie. Reviewed by D. Parrish.

A. Yardeni:

·      14.657: H. M. Cotton and A. Yardeni, Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek documentary texts from Nahal Hever and other sites. Reviewed by G. W. Bowersock.

F. Yegül:

·      23.544: F. Yegül, Bathing in the Roman world. Reviewed by W. Heinz.

·      6.348: F. Yegül, Baths and bathing in classical antiquity. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

P. A. Yeoman:

·      22.696: W. S. Hanson with K. Speller, P. A. Yeoman and J. Terry, Elginhaugh: a Flavian fort and its annexe. Reviewed by R. H. Jones.

J.-B. Yon:

·    30.818: C. Abadie-Reynal & J.-B. Yon (edd.), Zeugma VI. La Syrie romaine, permanences et transferts culturels. Reviewed by C. S. Lightfoot

·      27.883: M.-Fr. Boussac, J.-Fr. Salles & J.-B. Yon (edd.), Autour du Périple de la Mer érythrée. Reviewed by R. Tomber.

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