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J. Nacef:

·     30.763: J. Nacef, avec une contribution de C. Capelli, La production de la céramique antique dans la région de Salakta et Ksour Essef (Tunisie). Reviewed by D. L. Stone.

A. M. Nagy:

·     8.435: A. M. Nagy, “Silvanus,” in LIMC VII. Reviewed by E. Schraudolph.

H. Nagy:

·    30.956: L. Bonfante & H. Nagy (edd.), The collection of antiquities of the American Academy in Rome. Reviewed by S. L. Tuck

·      24.512: S. Bell & H. Nagy (edd.), New perspectives on Etruria and Early Rome. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

·      6.285: H. Nagy, Votive terracottas from the Vignaccia, Cerveteri, in the Lowie Museum of Anthropology. Reviewed by B. Ginge.

F. S. Naiden:

·      26.718: C. A. Faraone and F. S. Naiden (edd.), Greek and Roman animal sacrifice: ancient victims, modern observers. Reviewed by M. MacKinnon.

A. Najjar:

·      22.745: G. Mazor and A. Najjar, Bet She’an I. Nysa-Scythopolis. The Caesareum and the Odeum. Reviewed by T. M. Weber.

C. Namin:

·      16.611: J.-P. Bost and C. Namin, Les monnaies (Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges). Reviewed by R. Reece.

R. Naser:

·    21.696: U. Bellwald, M. al-Huneidi, A. Salihi, D. Keller, R. Naser, D. al-Eisawi, edited by I. Ruben, The Petra Siq. Nabataean hydrology uncovered. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

L. Salah Nasrallah:

·    25.864: L. Nasrallah, C. Bakirtzis and S. J. Friesen (edd.), From Roman to Early Christian Thessalonike: studies in religion and archaeology. Reviewed by E. Rizos.

·    24.776: L. Salah Nasrallah, Christian responses to Roman art and architecture. The second-century church amid the spaces of empire. Reviewed by K. Harper.

G. S. Nathan:

·      14.664: G. S. Nathan, The family in late antiquity: the rise of Christianity and the endurance of tradition. Reviewed by R. P. Saller.

M. Navarro Caballero:

·      29.844: F. Cadiou et M. Navarro Caballero (textes réunis par), La guerre et ses traces. Conflits et sociétés en Hispanie à l’époque de la conquête romaine. Reviewed by B. Diaz Ariño.

·      15.581: M. Navarro Caballero and S. Demougin, Elites hispaniques. Reviewed by S. Keay.

N. Nayling:

·      20.541: N. Nayling and S. McGrail, The Barland’s Farm Romano-Celtic boat. Reviewed by G. Milne.

D. S. Neal:

·      25.793: S. R. Cosh and D. S. Neal, Roman mosaics of Britain vol. IV. Western Britain. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      16.624: D. S. Neal and S. R. Cosh, Roman mosaics of Britain I. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      6.449: D. S. Neal et al., Excavation of the Iron age, Roman and Medieval settlement at Gorhambury, St. Albans. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

E. Nedergaard:

·      2.195: E. Nedergaard, “Zur Problematik des Augustusbögen auf dem Forum Romanum” in Kaiser Augustus und die verlorene Republik. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

L. Nehmé:

·      28.908: L. Nehmé avec J. T. Milik & R. Saupin, Atlas archéologique et épigraphique de Pétra. Fascicule 1. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

L. Neira Jiménez:

·    31.701: L. Neira Jiménez (ed.), Estudios sobre mosaicos antiguos y medievales (Actas del XIII Congreso int. de la AIEMA, Madrid 2015). Reviewed by R. Ling.

D. Nelis:

·      28.582: D. Nelis et M. Royo (edd.), Lire la Ville. Fragments d’une archéologie littéraire de Rome antique. Reviewed byT. P. Wiseman.

J. Nelis-Clément:

·      29.695: J. France et J. Nelis-Clément (éd.), La statio. archéologie d’un lieu de pouvoir dans l’empire romain. Reviewed by P. Faure.

 ·    29.679: K. Coleman et J. Nelis-Clément (edd.), L’organisation des spectacles dans le monde romain. Huits exposés. Reviewed by D. S. Potter.

·      24.627: J. Nelis-Clément et J.-M. Roddaz (edd.), Le cirque romain et son image. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

·      15.524: J. Nelis-Clément, Les beneficiarii: militaires et administrateurs au service de l’empire. Reviewed by B. Rankov.

L. H. Nelson:

·      9.436: S. K. Drummond and L. H. Nelson, The western frontiers of imperial Rome. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

M. -D. Nenna:

·   29.659: M.-D. Nenna (ed.), L’enfant et la mort dans l’Antiquité II. Types de tombes et traitement du corps des enfants dans l’Antiquité gréco-romaine. Reviewed by L. M. Stirling.

·     27.702: D. Foy & M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Corpus des signatures et marques sur verres antiques vol. 3. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

·     25.651: V. Arveiller-Dulong et M.-D. Nenna, Les verres anatiques du Musée du Louvre III. Parures, instruments et éléments d’incrustation. Reviewed by E. Swift.

·   21.501: D. Foy et M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Corpus des signatures et marques sur verres antiques. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

E. Netzer:

·      22.519: E. Netzer, The architecture of Herod, the great builder. Reviewed by K. G. Holum.

·      17.559: E. Netzer, Nabatäische Architektur, insbesondere Gräber und Tempel. Reviewed by J. S. McKenzie.

·      16.659: E. Netzer, Hasmonean and Herodian palaces at Jericho. Final reports I. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

·      16.659: E. Netzer, Die Paläste der Hasmonäer und Herodes’ des Großen. Reviewed by M. Fischer.

·      6.473: E. Netzer, Masada III. Final reports. The buildings, stratigraphy and architecture. Reviewed by J. Patrich.

O. Neverov:

·      3.261: O. Neverov, Antichnye kamei v sobranii Ermitazha (Ancient cameos in the collection of the Hermitage). Reviewed by M. Henig.

R. Neudecker:

·      4.257: R. Neudecker, Die skulpturen Austattung römischer Villen in Italien. Reviewed by P. G. Warden.

L. C. Nevett:

·      25.560: L. C. Nevett, Domestic space in classical antiquity. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

Y. D. Nevo:

·      18.771: Y. D. Nevo & J. Koren, Crossroads to Islam. The origins of the Arab religion and the Arab state. Reviewed by C. Foss.

Z. Newby:

·      30.594: Z. Newby, Greek myths in Roman art and culture. Imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC – AD 250. Reviewed by R. Ling

·      20.514: Z. Newby, Greek athletics in the Roman world. Reviewed by J.-P. Thuillier.

D. Y. Ng:

·      32.666: D. Y. Ng & M. Swetnam-Burland (edd.), Reuse and renovation in Roman material culture. Functions, aesthetics, interpretations. Reviewed by T. M. Kristensen.

M. Nichol:

·      33.763: A. Beeson, M. Nichol & J. Appleton, The Boxford mosaic. Reviewed by K. M. D. Dunbabin.

A. Nicholson:

·      6.449: S. Wrathmell and A. Nicholson (edd.), Dalton Parlours. Iron age settlement and Roman villa. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

C. Nicolet:

·      1.137: C. Nicolet, L’inventaire du monde. Géographie et politique aux origines de l’empire romain. Reviewed by F. Millar.

A. M. Nielsen:

·      22.546: M. Moltesen and A. M. Nielsen (edd.), Agrippina Minor. Life and afterlife. Reviewed by E. Bartman.

I. Nielsen:

·      6.348: I. Nielsen, Thermae et balnea. The architecture and cultural history of Roman public baths. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

R. Nielson:

·      24.664: R. Bluer, T. Brigham & R. Nielson, Roman and later development east of the Forum and Cornhill: excavations at Lloyd’s Register, City of London. Reviewed by D. Perring.

J. Nieto Prieto:

·      6.415: J. Nieto Prieto et al., Excavacions arqueològiques subaqàtiques a Cala Culip. Reviewed by M. Millett.

P. Niewöhner:

·     31.932: P. Niewöhner, Milet Band 1. Bauwerke in Milet Teil 11. Die byantinischen Basiliken von Milet. Reviewed by M. Rautman.

H. Nilsson:

·      33.805: J. Lund, R. Larje, H. Nilsson, Carthage II. The Swedish Mission to Carthage. Reviewed by J. J. Rossiter.

A. Ninfo:

·      25.696: A. Ninfo et al., “The map of Altinum,” Science 325. Reviewed by A. J. Ammerman.

L. Nista:

·      6.289: M. Anderson and L. Nista, Roman portraits in context: imperial and private likenesses from the Museo Nazionale Romano. Reviewed by E. K. Gazda and A. E. Haeckl.

C. E. V. Nixon:

·      9.532: C. E. V. Nixon and B. S. Rodgers, In praise of later Roman emperors. The panegyrici latini. Introduction, translation and historical commentary. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

V. Nizzo:

·      22.444: V. Nizzo, Ritorno ad Ischia. Dalla stratigrafia della necropoli di Pithekoussai alla tipologia dei materiali. Reviewed by D. Ridgway.

H.-Chr. Noeske:

·      25.930: H.-Chr. Noeske, Münzfunde aus Ägypten I. Die Münzfunde des ägyptischen Pilgerzentrums Abu Minu und die vergleichsfunde aus den Dioecesen Aegyptus und Oriens vom 4.-8. Jh. n. Chr. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

T. Nogales Basarrate:

·      17.681: J. Edmondson, T. Nogales Basarrate and W. Trillmich, Imagen y memoria. Monumentos funerarios con retratos en la Colonia Augusta Emerita. Reviewed by S. J. Keay.

J. Nokandeh:

·      28.889: E. W. Sauer, H. Omrani Rekavandi, T. J. Wilkinson & J. Nokandeh, Persia’s imperial power in late antiquity: the great wall of Gorgan and frontier landscapes of Sasanian Iran. Reviewed by W. E. Mierse.

J. M. Nolla:

·      22.684: G. Castellvi, J. M. Nolla, I. Rodà, Le trophée de Pompée dans les Pyrénées (71 avant J.-C.). Reviewed by P. Gros.

·      5.378: A. Roura, P. Castanyer, J. M. Nolla, S. J. Keay, La villa romana de Vilauba (Camós). Estudi d’un assentament rural (Campanyes de 1979-85). Reviewed by X. Aquilué.

J. Nollé:

·      24.764: J. Nollé, Kleinasiatische Losorakel. Astragal- und Alphabetchresmologien der Hochkaiserzeitlichen Orakelrenaissance. Reviewed by D. Potter.

D. Nony:

·      13.725: X. Loriot and D. Nony, La crise de l’empire romain 235-285. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

A. Nünnerich-Asmus:

·      12.636: A. Nünnerich-Asmus, El arco cuadrifronte de Cáparra. Reviewed by X. Dupré Raventós.

P. E. Nulton:

·      17.714: P. E. Nulton, The sanctuary of Apollo Hypoakraios and imperial Athens. Reviewed by M. Hoff.

V. Nutton:

·      18.495: V. Nutton, Ancient medicine. Reviewed by A. Hanson.

C. Nylander:

·      27.504: C. Nylander, B. Blomé, L. Karlsson et al., San Giovenale vol. V, fasc. 1. The Borgo. Excavating an Etruscan quarter: architecture and stratigraphy. Reviewed by I. Edlund-Berry.

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