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J. Ma:

·      27.847: J. Ma, Statues and cities. Honorific portraits and civic identity in the Hellenistic world. Reviewed by J. Stoop.

M. Maas:

·      19.721: M. Maas (ed.), The Cambridge companion to the age of Justinian. Reviewed by Averil Cameron.

M. Maaskant-Kleinbrink:

·      1.142: M. Maaskant-Kleinbrink, Description of the collections in the Rijksmuseum G. M. Kam at Nijmegen. X. The engraved gems, Roman and non-Roman. Reviewed by M. Henig.

W. L. MacDonald:

·      11.583: W. L. MacDonald and J. A. Pinto, Hadrian’s Villa and its legacy. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

·      1.162: W. L. MacDonald, The architecture of the Roman empire II. An urban appraisal. Reviewed by F. B. Sear.

A. MacGregor:

·      5.388: A. MacGregor, Finds from a Roman sewer and an adjacent building in Church Street (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

·      5.388: A. MacGregor, Roman finds from Skeldergate and Bishophill (Roman York). Reviewed by S. P. Roskams.

C. Machado:

·     31.967: K. Bolle, C. Machado & C. Witschel (edd.), The epigraphic cultures of late antiquity. Reviewed by J. Weisweiler.

·     29.959: J. Lipps, C. Machado, P. von Rummel (edd.), The sack of Rome in 410 AD: the event, its context and its impact. Reviewed by R. van Dam.

C. S. Mackay:

·      24.540: C. S. Mackay, The breakdown of the Roman Republic. Reviewed by L. L. Brice.

M. Mackensen:

·    32.935: C. Eger & M. Mackensen (edd.), Death and burial in the Near East from Roman to Islamic times. Reviewed by G. Avni.

·    21.577: M. Mackensen, Militärlager oder Marmorwerstätten. Neue Untersuchungen im Ostbereich des Arbeits- und Steinbruchlagers von Simmithus/Chemtou. Reviewed by J. C. Fant.

·      10.572: M. Mackensen, Die spatantiken Sigillata- und Lampentopfereien von El Mahrine (Nordtunesien): Studien zur nordafrikanischen Feinkeramik des 4. bis 7. Jahrhunderts. Reviewed by J. Lund.

·      4.306: M. Mackensen, Frühkaiserzeitliche Kleinkastelle bei Nersingen und Burlafingen an der oberen Donau. Reviewed by C. M. Wells.

R. MacMullen:

·      26.478: R. MacMullen, The earliest Romans: a character sketch. Reviewed by G. Bradley.

·      18.489: R. MacMullen, Feelings in history, ancient and modern. Reviewed by S. Treggiari.

·      14.575: R. MacMullen, Romanization in the time of Augustus. Reviewed by G. Woolf.

D. MacRae:

·    31.618: D. MacRae, Legible religion: books, gods, and rituals in Roman culture. Reviewed by J. L. Mackey.

S. Macready:

·      4.345: S. Macready and F. H. Thompson (edd.), Roman architecture in the Greek world. Reviewed by F. K. Yegül.

T. Macstoy:

·      30.939: T. Macsotay (ed.), Rome, travel and the sculpture capital, c.1770-1825. Reviewed by C. C. Mattusch

S. Madeleine:

·      32.661: S. Madeleine & Ph. Fleury (edd.), Autour des machines de Vitruve. L’ingénierie romaine: textes, archéologie et restitution. Reviewed by J. P. Oleson.

·      28.587: S. Madeleine, Le théâtre de Pompée à Rome. Restitution de l’architecture et des systèmes mécaniques. Reviewed by J. E. Packer.

C. Maderna:

·      3.280: C. Maderna, Iuppiter Diomedes und Merkur als Vorbilder für römische Bildnisstatuen. Untersuchungen zum römischen statuarischen Idealporträt. Reviewed by M. Fuchs.

J. C. Magalhães de Oliveira:

·      27.929: J. C. Magalhães de Oliveira, Potestas populi. Participation populaire et action collective dans les villes de l’Afrique romaine tardive. Reviewed by B. D. Shaw.

M. A. Magallón Botaya:

·      30.724: M. A. Magallón Botaya & P. Sillières (edd.), Labitolosa (La Puebla de Castro, province de Huesca, Espagne). Une cité romaine de l’Hispanie citérieure. Reviewed by M. Vickers.

S. Magnani:

·    31.714: M. Buora & S. Magnani (edd.), Le iscrizioni con funzione didascalico-esplicativa. Committente, destinatario, contenuto e descrizione dell’­oggetto nell’ instrumentum domesticum. Reviewed by W. V. Harris.

J. Magness:

·      29.919: G. Davies and J. Magness, The 2003-2007 excavations in the late Roman fort at Yotvata. Reviewed by S. T. Parker.

·      26.871: J. Magness, Stone and dung, oil and spit. Jewish daily life in the time of Jesus. Reviewed by Z. Weiss.

·      22.827: J. Magness, The archaeology of the early Islamic settlement in Palestine. Reviewed by D. Whitcomb.

·      16.648: J. Magness, The archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Reviewed by Y. Hirschfeld.

H. Maguire:

·      12.815: H. Maguire (ed.), Materials analysis of Byzantine pottery. Reviewed by C. C. Kolb.

K.-U. Mahler:

·       29.889: K.-U. Mahler, Die Architekturdekoration der frühen Kaiserzeit in Lepcis Magna. Reviewed by G. Mazzilli.

J. Mairat:

·        32.867: A. Hostein, J. Mairat, Roman provincial coinage vol. 9. From Trajan Decius to Uranius Antoninus (AD 249-254). Reviewed by K. W. Harl.

M. Maiuro:

·        31.760: E. Fentress, C. Goodson, M. Maiuro (edd.), Villa Magna: an imperial estate and its legacies. Excavations 2006-10. Reviewed by P. A. J. Attema.

·     29.915: F. De Romanis and M. Maiuro (edd.), Across the ocean: nine essays on Indo-Mediterranean trade. Reviewed by S. E. Sidebotham.

·      27.645: M. Maiuro, Res Caesaris. Ricerche sulla proprietà imperiale nel Principato. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

D. Malfitana:

·      27.635: D. Malfitana & G. Cacciaguerra (a cura di), Priolo romana, tardo romana e medievale. Reviewed by N. Christie.

T. Malim:

·      32.757: H. J. M. Green, ed. T. Malim, Durovigutum: Roman Godmanchester. Reviewed by M. Millett.

S. Malmberg:

·     29.587: I. Östenberg, S. Malmberg and J. Bjørnebye (edd.), The moving city. Processions, passages and promenades in ancient Rome. Reviewed by J. A. Latham.

C. Malone:

·      9.330: C. Malone, S. Stoddard, Territory, time and state. The archaeological development of the Gubbio Basin. Reviewed by L. Sensi.

D. Manacorda:

·      5.408: L. Anselmino, M. Bouchenaki, A. Carandini, Ph. Leveau, D. Manacorda, C. Pavolini, G. Pucci, P. Salama, Il Castellum di Nador. Storia di una fattoria tra Tipasa e Caesarea (I-VI d.C.). Reviewed by D. J. Mattingly and J. W. Hayes.

H. Manderscheid:

·      6.348: H. Manderscheid, Bibliographie zum römischen Badewesen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der öffentlichen Thermen. Reviewed by J. DeLaine.

A. R. Mandrioli Bizzarri:

·      3.261: A. R. Mandrioli Bizzarri, La collezione di gemme del Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna. Reviewed by M. Henig.

L. Mandruzzato:

·      19.538: L. Mandruzzato e A. Marcante (a cura di), Vetri anti chi del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Aquileia. Il vasellame da mensa. Reviewed by D. B. Whitehouse.

I. Manfrini-Aragno:

·      4.222: I. Manfrini-Aragno, Bacchus dans les bronzes hellénistiques et romains: les artisans et leur repertoire. Reviewed by V. J. Hutchinson.

J. Mangas:

·      15.411: F.-J. Sánchez-Palencia and J. Mangas (edd.), El edicto del Bierzo: Augusto y el noroeste de Hispania. Reviewed by J. S. Richardson.

A. Mangiatordi:

·      26.741: A. Mangiatordi, Insediamenti rurali e strutture agrarie nella Puglia centrale in età romana. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

M. Mangin:

·      8.511: J.-P. Petit and M. Mangin (edd.), Les agglomérations secondaires: la Gaule Belgique, les Germanies et l’Occident romain. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

·      8.511: J.-P. Petit et M. Mangin (edd.), Atlas des agglomérations secondaires de la Gaule Belgique et des Germanies. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

·      8.511: J. Bénard and M. Mangin, R. Goguey, L. Roussel, Les agglomérations antiques de Côte-d’Or. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

C. Mango:

·      1.223: C. Mango, Le développement urbain de Constantinople (IVe-VIIe siècles). Reviewed by G. Dagron.

Y. Maniatis:

·      24.635: Y. Maniatis (ed.), ASMOSIA VII. Actes du VIIe Colloque international de l’ASMOSIA, Thasos, 2003. Reviewed by G. A. Plattner.

J. G. Manning:

·     29.998: J. G. Manning (ed.), Writing history in time of war: Michael Rostovtzeff, Elias Bickerman and the “Hellenization of Asia”. Reviewed by W. V. Harris.

E. Mantzourani:

·      7.421: J. F. Cherry, J. L. Davis and E. Mantzourani, Landscape archaeology as long-term history: northern Keos in the Cycladic Islands from earliest settlement until modern times. Reviewed by M. Rautman.

A. Marangou:

·      24.803: S. Marchand & A. Marangou (edd.), Amphores d’Egypte de la basse époque à l’époque arabe. Reviewed by J. Gates-Foster.

J. Marasovic:

·      4.378: S. McNally, J. Marasovic, T. Marasovic (edd.), Diocletian’s Palace. American-Yugoslav excavations vol. 5. Reviewed by N. Duval.

T. Marasovic:

·      4.378: S. McNally, J. Marasovic, T. Marasovic (edd.), Diocletian’s Palace. American-Yugoslav excavations vol. 5. Reviewed by N. Duval.

A. Marcante:

·      19.538: L. Mandruzzato e A. Marcante (a cura di), Vetri anti chi del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Aquileia. Il vasellame da mensa. Reviewed by D. B. Whitehouse.

E. Marchand:

·      25.980: R. Frederiksen and E. Marchand (edd.), Plaster casts. Making, collecting and displaying from classical antiquity to the present. Reviewed by C. C. Mattusch.

S. Marchand:

·      24.803: S. Marchand & A. Marangou (edd.), Amphores d’Egypte de la basse époque à l’époque arabe. Reviewed by J. Gates-Foster.

S. Marchesini:

·      12.440: S. Marchesini, Studi onomastici e sociolinguistici sull’ Etruria arcaica: il caso di Caere. Reviewed by D. and F. R. Serra Ridgway.

M. Marciak:

·      33.879: A. Comfort & M. Marciak. How did the Persian king of kings get his wine? The upper Tigris in antiquity (c.700 bce to 636 ce). Reviewed by C. S. Lightfoot.

A. Marcone:

·      22.630: A. Marcone (ed.), Medicina e società nel mondo antico. Reviewed by A. E. Hanson.

·      18.495: I. Andorlini & A. Marcone, Medicina, medico e società nel mondo antico. Reviewed by A. Hanson.

T. A. Marder:

·        29.773: T. A. Marder and M. Wilson Jones (edd.), The Pantheon from antiquity to the present. Reviewed by J. A. Pinto.

C. Marek:

·      17.723: C. Marek, Pontus et Bithynia. Reviewed by S. Mitchell.

E. Marin:

·      27.955: E. Marin (ed.), N. Gauthier et al., Salona IV. Inscriptions de Salone chrétienne IVe-VIIe siècles vol. 1. Reviewed by M. A. Handley.

N. Márquez-Grant:

·      23.633: A. Simmonds, N. Márquez-Grant and L. Loe, Life and death in a Roman city. Excavation of a Roman cemetery with a mass grave at 120-122 London Road, Gloucester. Reviewed by H. R. Hurst.

E. Marroni:

·      32.561: M. Torelli and E. Marroni (edd.), Castrum Inui. Il santuario di Inuus alla foce del Fosso dell’Incastro. Reviewed by S. G. Bernard.

E. Marshall:

·      15.479: V. M. Hope and E. Marshall (edd.), Death and disease in the ancient city. Reviewed by A. Wilson.

E. Martelli:

·      28.673: E. Martelli, Sulle spalle dei saccarii. Le rappresentazioni di facchini e il trasporto di derrate nel porto di Ostia in epoca imperiale. Reviewed by C. Virlouvet.

M. Martelli:

·      3.225: M. Martelli (ed.), La ceramica degli Etruschi. La pittura vascolare. Reviewed by B. Ginge.

A. Martin:

·      30.748: I. V. Pinto, R. R. de Almeida & A. Martin (edd.), Lusitanian amphorae: production and distribution. Reviewed by D. Mateo Corredor.

M. Martin:

·    31.971: A. Kaufmann-Heinimann & M. Martin, Die Apostelkanne und das Tafelsilber im Hortfund von 1628. Trierer Silberschätze des 5. Jahrhunderts. Reviewed by C. Johns.

S. Martin:

·       30.704: S. Martin (textes réunis et édités par), Monnaies et monétarisation dans les campagnes de la Gaule du Nord et de l’Est, de l’Âge du Fer à l’Antiquité tardive. Reviewed by R. Reece

·      30.701: S. Martin, Du statère au sesterce: monnaie et romanisation dans la Gaule du Nord et de l’Est (IIIe s. a.C./Ier s. p.C.). Reviewed by R. Reece

G. Martines:

·      28.596: G. Martines (ed.), Colvmna Divi Marci. Corpus dei disegni 1981-1996. Reviewed by M. Beckmann.

J. Martínez Jiménez:

32.976: J. Martínez Jiménez, I. Sastre de Diego & C. Tejerizo García, The Iberian peninsula between 300 and 850. An archaeological perspective. Reviewed by M. Kulikowski.

W. Martini:

·      12.782: W. Martini and C. Steckner, Das Gymnasium von Samos. Das frühbyzantinische Klostergut. Reviewed by G. Brands.

S. Martin-Kilcher:

·      33.920: S. Martin-Kilcher, J. Wininger, Syene iii. Untersuchungen zur römischen Keramik und weiteren Funden aus Syene / Assuan (1.-7. Jahrhundert ad). Grabungen 2001-2004. Reviewed by D. Dixneuf.

·      23.713: S. Martin-Kilcher, H. Amrein and B. Horisberger, Der römische Goldschmuck aus Lunnern (ZH). Reviewed by M. Segard.

·      23.710: S. Martin-Kilcher and R. Schatzmann (edd.), Das römische Heiligtum von Thun-Allmendingen, die Regio Lindensis und die Alpen. Reviewed by C. Metzger.

M. Marvin:

·    22.608: M. Marvin, The language of the Muses. The dialogue between Roman and Greek sculpture. Reviewed by R. Kousser.

A. Marzano:

·    33.738: A. Marzano & G. P. R. Métraux (edd.), The Roman villa in the Mediterranean basin. Reviewed by E. Fentress.

·    28.684: A. Marzano, Harvesting the sea. The exploitation of marine resources in the Roman Mediterranean. Reviewed by E. Botte.

·    21.479: A. Marzano, Roman villas in central Italy. A social and economic history. Reviewed by R. J. A. Wilson.

D. Maschek:

·      27.539: D. Maschek, Rationes decoris. Aufkommen und Verbreitung dorischer Friese in der mittelitalischen Architektur des 2. und 1. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. Reviewed by P. Gros.

D. J. P. Mason:

·      18.685: D. J. P. Mason et al., Excavations at Chester. The elliptical building. Reviewed by M. Fulford.

F.-H. Massa-Pairault:

·    31.590: F.-H. Massa-Pairault & C. Pouzadoux (sous la direction de), Géants et gigantomachies entre Orient et Occident. Reviewed by B. S. Ridgway.

·      22.466: F.-H. Massa-Pairault and G. Sauron (edd.), Images et modernité hellénistiques. Appropriation et représentation du monde d’Alexandre à César. Reviewed by R. Taylor.

M. Mastroberto:

·      5.338: M. Mastroberto (ed.), Archeologia e botanica. Atti del convegno di studi sul contributo della botanica alla conoscenza e alla conservazione delle aree archeologiche vesuviane. Reviewed by R. Ling.

S. B. Matheson:

·      11.546: D. E. E. Kleiner and S. B. Matheson (edd.), I, Claudia: Women in ancient Rome. Catalogue of the exhibition, 1996. Reviewed by E. D’Ambra.

N. Mathieu:

·      26.770: N. Mathieu, B. Rémy et P. Leveau (edd.), L’eau dans les Alpes occidentales à l’époque romaine. Reviewed by M. Segard.

C. Matthew:

·     29.575: C. Matthew (revised, translated and edited by), The Tactics of Aelian, or on the military arrangements of the Greeks. Reviewed by E. L. Wheeler.

J. Matthews:

·      20.591: J. Matthews, The journey of Theophanes. Travel, business and daily life in the Roman East. Reviewed by R. S. Bagnall.

·      14.671: J. F. Matthews, Laying down the law. A study of the Theodosian Code. Reviewed by T. D. Barnes.

·      9.566: P. J. Heather and J. Matthews, The Goths in the fourth century. Reviewed by H. Elton.

S. D. Matthews:

·     24. 892: G. F. Bass, R. H. Brill, B. Lledó and S. D. Matthews, Serçe Limani. vol. II. The glass of an eleventh-century shipwreck. Reviewed by E. M. Stern.

T. F. Matthews:

·      9.580: T. F. Matthews, The clash of gods: a reinterpretation of early Christian art. Reviewed by D. Janes.

D. J. Mattingly:

·      25.853: D. J. Mattingly (ed.), The archaeology of Fazzan, vol. 3. Excavations of C. M. Daniels. Reviewed by E. M. Ruprechtsberger.

·      25.772: D. J. Mattingly, Imperialism, power and identity. Experiencing the Roman Empire. Reviewed by M. Millett.

·      20.535: D. J. Mattingly, An imperial possession: Britain in the Roman empire. Reviewed by R. Hingley.

·      18.717: D. J. Mattingly et al., The archaeology of Fazzan vol. 1: synthesis. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

·      15.561: M. Gillings, D. Mattingly and J. van Dalen (edd.), Geographical information systems and landscape archaeology. Reviewed by J. F. Cherry.

·      14.580: D. J. Mattingly and J. Salmon (edd.), Economies beyond agriculture in the classical world. Reviewed by R. Saller.

·      13.483: D. S. Potter and D. J. Mattingly (edd.), Life, death and entertainment in the Roman empire. Reviewed by W. J. Slater.

·      12.763: G. Barker and D. Mattingly (edd.), Farming the desert. The Unesco Libyan Valleys archaeological survey. Reviewed by P. Trousset.

·      6.433: B. Jones and D. Mattingly, An atlas of Roman Britain. Reviewed by R. J. A. Talbert.

C. C. Mattusch:

·      10.441: C. C. Mattusch, Classical bronzes. The art and craft of Greek and Roman statuary. Reviewed by S. Dillon.

L. Maurin:

·      19.544: H. Ben Hassen et L. Maurin (dir.), Oudhna (Uthina), colonie de vétérans de la XIIILégion. Reviewed by P. Gros.

·      15.597: M. Khanoussi and L. Maurin (edd.), Dougga, fragments d’histoire. Choix d’inscriptions latines. Reviewed by R. B. Hitchner.

·      10.489: P. Garmy and L. Maurin, Enceintes romaines d’Aquitaine. Reviewed by N. Christie.

B. Maurina:

·      27.635: M. De Vos & B. Maurina (a cura di), La villa romana di Isera: ricerche e scavi (1973-2004). Reviewed by N. Christie.

V. A. Maxfield:

·      12.721: D. P. S. Peacock and V. A. Maxfield, Survey and excavation Mons Claudianus 1987-1993 vol. I. Reviewed by P. Pensabene.

·      6.371: V. A. Maxfield and M. J. Dobson (edd.), Roman frontier studies 1989: proceedings of the 15th international congress of Roman frontier studies. Reviewed by J. W. Eadie.

G. S. Maxwell:

·      4.315: G. S. Maxwell, A battle lost: Romans and Caledonians at Mons Graupius. Reviewed by L. Keppie.

E. Mayer:

·      26.605: E. Mayer, The ancient middle classes. Urban life and aesthetics in the Roman Empire, 100 BCE–250 CE. Reviewed by A. Wallace-Hadrill.

M. Mayer:

·      11.605: G. Fabre, M. Mayer and I. Rodà, Inscriptions romaines de Catalogne IV. Barcino. Reviewed by F. Beltrán Lloris.

F. Mayet:

·      13.633: F. Mayet and C. Tavares da Silva, L’atelier d’amphores de Pinheiro (Portugal). Reviewed by L. M. Stirling.

·      11.603: F. Mayet, A. Schmitt and C. Tavares da Silva, Les amphores du Sado (Portugal). Prospection des fours et analyse du materiel. Reviewed by D. Peacock and D. Williams.

M. Mays:

·      9.587: P. Grierson and M. Mays, Catalogue of late Roman coins in the Dumbarton Oaks collection and in the Whittemore Collection. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

G. Mazor:

·      22.745: G. Mazor and A. Najjar, Bet She’an I. Nysa-Scythopolis. The Caesareum and the Odeum. Reviewed by T. M. Weber.

M. Mazzei:

·      10.604: D. Graepler, M. Mazzei, Fundort: Unbekannt. Raubgrabungen zerstoren das archaologische Erbe. Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

·      10.604: D. Graepler, M. Mazzei, Provenienza: Sconosciuta! Tombaroli, mercanti, e collezionisti: l’Italia archeologica allo sbaraglio. Reviewed by J. G. Pedley.

L. Mazzeo Saracino:

·      20.517: L. Mazzeo Saracino (ed.), Il complesso edilizio di età romana nell’area dell’ex Vescovado a Rimini. Reviewed by M. George.

D. Mazzoleni:

·      18.604: D. Mazzoleni with U. Pappalardo, Domus. Wall painting in the Roman house. Reviewed by J. P. Small.

A. M. McCann:

·      9.560: A. M. McCann and J. Freed, Deep water archaeology. A late-Roman ship from Carthage and an ancient trade route near Skerki Bank. Reviewed by A. J. Parker.

M. McDonnell:

·      22.474: M. McDonnell, Roman manliness. Virtus and the Roman Republic. Reviewed by M. W. Gleason.

I. K. McEwen:

·      17.583: I. K. McEwen, Vitruvius. Writing the body of architecture. Reviewed by D. M. Millette.

S. McFadden:

·     29.616: S. Lepinski & S. McFadden (edd.), Beyond iconography. materials, methods, and meaning in ancient surface decoration. Reviewed by R. Ling.

·    29.913: M. Jones and S. McFadden (edd.), Art of empire. The Roman frescoes and imperial cult chamber in Luxor temple. Reviewed by J. Elsner.

T. A. J. McGinn:

·    32.648: D. P. Kehoe & T. A. J. McGinn (edd.), Ancient law, ancient society. Reviewed by P. du Plessis.

B. McGing:

·      3.471: H. W. Parke, ed. B. McGing, Sibyls and sibylline prophecy in classical antiquity. Reviewed by D. Potter.

T. A. J. McGinn:

·      19.419: B. W. Frier and T. A. J. McGinn, A casebook on Roman family law. Reviewed by A. Richlin.

·      13.468: T. A. J. McGinn, Prostitution, sexuality and law in ancient Rome. Reviewed by K. R. Bradley.

S. McGrail:

·      20.541: N. Nayling and S. McGrail, The Barland’s Farm Romano-Celtic boat. Reviewed by G. Milne.

I. C. McIlwaine:

·      3.248: I. C. McIlwaine, Herculaneum: a guide to printed sources. Reviewed by C. Parslow.

J. McKenzie:

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J. S. McKenzie:

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·    31.706: A. Muller & E. Lafli (dir.), S. Huysecom-Haxhi (coll.), Figurines de terre cuite en Méditerranée grecque et romaine, vol. I: Production, diffusion, étude. Reviewed by A. L. Boozer.

D. Müller:

·    22.655: M. Luik and D. Müller, Renieblas, Lager V. Die Ergebnisse der archäologisch-topographischen Vermessungen der Jahre 1997 bis 2001. Reviewed by M. Reddé.

M. Mulliez:

·    32.729: M. Mulliez, Le luxe de l’imitation: les trompe- l’oeil de la fin de la République romaine, mémoire des artisans de la couleur. Reviewed by L. J. McAlpine.

M. Mulryan:

·      33.632: A. Izdebski & M. Mulryan (edd.), Environment and society in the long late antiquity. Reviewed by W. V. Harris.

M. Mundell Mango:

·      8.539: S. A. Boyd and M. Mundell Mango (edd.), Ecclesiastical silver plate in sixth-century Byzantium. Reviewed by C. Morrisson.

·      1.226: M. Mundell Mango, Silver from early Byzantium. The Kaper Koraon and related treasures. Reviewed by F. Baratte.

M. Munzi:

·      19.746: M. Munzi, La decolonizzazione del passato. Archeologia e politica in Libia. Reviewed by D. White.

·      19.746: M. Munzi, L’epica del ritorno. Archeologia e politica nella Tripolitania italiana. Reviewed by D. White.

E. Murgia:

·      24.615: F. Fontana con E. Murgia, I culti isiaci nell’Italia settentrionale vol. 1. Reviewed by A. Gavini.

W. M. Murray:

·      3.399: W. M. Murray and P. M. Petsas, Octavian’s campsite memorial for the Actian War. Reviewed by P. N. Doukellis.

K. Mustakallio:

·     21.410: K. Mustakallio, J. Hanska, H.-L. Sainio, V. Vuolanto, Hoping for continuity: childhood, education and death in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Reviewed by R. Laurence.

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