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C. Iacobone:

·      4.195: C. Iacobone, Le stipi votive di Taranto (scavi 1885-1934). Reviewed by R. Miller Ammerman.

A. Ichkhakh:

·      30.752: L. Callegarin, M. Kbiri Alaoui, A. Ichkhakh & J.-C. Roux (edd), Rirha: site antique et médiéval du Maroc. Vol. I. Cadre historique et géographique général; vol. II. Période maurétanienne; vol. III. Période romaine; vol. IV. Période médiévale islamique. Reviewed byE. Fentress

M. Icks:

·      25.726: M. Icks, The crimes of Elagabalus. The life and legacy of Rome’s decadent boy emperor. Reviewed by M. Sommer.

M. Ierardi:

·      13.591: G. M. Paul and M. Ierardi (edd.), Roman coins and public life under the Empire. Reviewed by T. V. Buttrey.

J. Ingleheart:

·      29.991: J. Ingleheart (ed.), Ancient Rome and the construction of modern homosexual identities. Reviewed by J. Clarke.

P. P. Iossif:

·      32.602: P. P. Iossif, Fr. de Callataÿ, R. Veymiers (edd.), Typoi. Greek and Roman coins seen through their images. Noble issues, humble users? Reviewed by M. Backmann.

B. Isaac:

·      5.467: B. Isaac,The limits of empire: the Roman army in the east. Reviewed by S. T. Parker.

J. Isager:

·      16.475: J. Isager (ed.), Foundation and destruction: Nikopolis and northwestern Greece. Reviewed by W. M. Murray.

·      14.648: S. Isager and B. Poulsen (edd.), Patron and pavements in late antiquity. Reviewed by C. Kondoleon.

E. Isayev:

·      32.679: E. Isayev, Migration, mobility and place in ancient Italy. Reviewed by C. Moatti.

·      20.399: E. Isayev, Inside ancient Lucania: dialogues in history and archaeology. Reviewed by S. Thakur.

A. Islami:

·      33.811: M.-P. Raynaud & A. Islami, Corpus of the mosaics of Albania, vol. 1. Butrint intramuros. Reviewed by R. E. Kolarik.

T. Ismaelli:

·      32.891: T. Ismaelli, Hierapolis di Frigia X. Il Tempio A nel santuario di Apollo. Architettura, decorazione e contesto. Reviewed by N. de Chaisemartin & M. Livadiotti.

·      25.879: T. Ismaelli, Architettura dorica a Hierapolis di Frigia. Reviewed by G. A. Plattner.

Israel Antiquities Authority:

·   30.843: [Israel Antiquities Authority], The Lod mosaic: a spectacular Roman mosaic floor. Reviewed by C. S. Lightfoot

S. Israeli:

·      24.791: V. Tzaferis and S. Israeli, Paneas vol. I. The Roman to Early Islamic periods. Excavations in areas A, B, E, F, G and H. Reviewed by B. Burrell.

·      24.791: V. Tzaferis and S. Israeli, Paneas vol. II. Small finds and other studies. Reviewed by B. Burrell.

S. Ivcevic:

·      19.625: S. Ivcevi, “Lukovicaste fibule iz Salone u arheoloskome muzeju u Splitu”. Reviewed by M. Buora.          

A. Izdebski:

·      33.632: A. Izdebski & M. Mulryan (edd.), Environment and society in the long late antiquity. Reviewed by W. V. Harris.

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