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P. Easterling:

·      18.539: P. Easterling & E. Hall (edd.), Greek and Roman actors. Reviewed by S. Scullion.

W. Eck:

·      12.633: W. Eck, Tra epigrafia, prosopografia e archeologia. Reviewed by W. Kuhoff.

·      11.437: W. Eck, A. Caballos and F. Fernández, Das senatus consultum de Cn Pisone patre. Reviewed by D. Potter.

·      1.181: W. Eck and H. Wolff (edd.), Heer und Integrationspolitik. Die römischen Militärdiplome als historische Quelle. Reviewed by M. Clauss.

H. Eckardt:

·      32.704: H. Eckardt, Writing and power in the Roman world: literacies and material culture. Reviewed by W. V. Harris.

·      23.657: H. Eckardt and N. Crummy, Styling the body in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain: a contextual approach to toilet instruments. Reviewed by H. E. M. Cool.

·      17.665: H. Eckardt, Illuminating Roman Britain. Reviewed by K. Slane.

I. E. M. Edlund-Berry:

·      31.584: F. Silvestrelli & I. E. M. Edlund-Berry (edd.), The Chora of Metaponto 6. A Greek settlement at Sant’Angelo Vecchio. Reviewed by A. M. Small.

·      22.450: I. Edlund-Berry, G. Greco and J. Kenfield (edd.), Deliciae Fictiles III. Architectural terracottas in ancient Italy. Reviewed by A. Rathje.

·      8.335: I. E. M. Edlund-Berry, The seated and standing statue akroteria from Poggio Civitate (Murlo). Reviewed by L. Bonfante.

·      1.95: I. E. M. Edlund, The gods and the place: location and function of sanctuaries in the countryside of Etruria and Magna Graecia (700-400 B.C.). Reviewed by J.-R. Jannot.

J. Edmondson:

·      30.630: C. Bruun & J. Edmondson (edd.), The Oxford handbook of Roman epigraphy. Reviewed by M. Mayer i Olivé

·      23.595: J. Edmondson and A. Keith (edd.), Roman dress and the fabrics of Roman culture. Reviewed by M. Harlow.

·      17.681: J. Edmondson, T. Nogales Basarrate and W. Trillmich, Imagen y memoria. Monumentos funerarios con retratos en la Colonia Augusta Emerita. Reviewed by S. J. Keay.

C. Edwards:

·      21.401: C. Edwards, Death in ancient Rome. Reviewed by D. G. Kyle.

·      13.827: C. Edwards (ed.), Roman presences: receptions of Rome in European culture, 1798-1945. Reviewed by R. Hingley.

M. Edwards:

·      30.894: M. Edwards, Religions of the Constantinian empire. Reviewed by R. Van Dam

C. Eger:

·      32.935: C. Eger & M. Mackensen (edd.), Death and burial in the Near East from Roman to Islamic times. Reviewed by G. Avni.

·      27.926: C. Eger, Spätantikes Kleidungszubehör aus Nord-afrika. I. Trägerkreis, mobilität und Ethnos im Spiegel der Funde der spätesten römischen Kaiserzeit und der vandalischen Zeit. Reviewed by G. Ripoll.

A. Eggebrecht:

·      5.341: A. Eggebrecht (ed.), Albanien, Schätze aus dem Land der Skipetaren. Reviewed by T. F. C. Blagg.

W. Ehrhardt:

·      19.497: W. Ehrhardt, Casa delle Nozze d’Argento (V 2, 1). Reviewed by R. Ling.

·      6.331: W. Ehrhardt, Casa dell’Orso (VII 2, 44-46) Pompeji. Reviewed by R. Ling.

I. Eichner:

·      27.949: I. Eichner, Frühbyzantinische Wohnhäuser in Kilikien … in der Region um Seleukeia am Kalykadnos. Reviewed by G. Varinlioğlu.

J. Eingartner:

·      20.525: J. Eingartner, Templa cum porticibus. Ausstattung und Funktion italischer Tempelbezirke in Nordafrika. Reviewed by P. Gros.

J. Eiring:

·      19.421: J. Eiring and J. Lund (edd.), Transport amphorae and trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. Reviewed by J. Freed.

M. Eisner:

·      2.207 and 1.115: M. Eisner, Zur Typologie der Grabbauten im Suburbium Roms. Reviewed by H. von Hesberg and by D. E. E. Kleiner.

Y. Z. Eliav:

·      23.762: Y. Z. Eliav, E. A. Friedland and S. Herbert (edd.), The sculptural environment of the Roman Near East. Reviewed by A. Kropp.

·      19.661: Y. Z. Eliav, God’s Mountain. The Temple Mount in time, place and memory. Reviewed by K. Galor.

N. T. Elkins:

·      33.613: N. T. Elkins, A monument to dynasty and death. The story of Rome’s Colosseum and the emperors who built it. Reviewed by D. L. Bomgardner.

·      29.730: N. T. Elkins, Monuments in miniature: architecture on Roman coinage. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

P. Ellis:

·      15.639: P. Ellis (ed.), The Roman baths and macellum at Wroxeter. Excavations by Graham Webster 1955-85. Reviewed by M. Fulford.

S. J. R. Ellis:

·      33.723: S. J. R. Ellis, The Roman retail revolution: the socio-economic world of the taberna. Reviewed by M. Lépée.

S. P. Ellis:

·      16.582: S. P. Ellis, Roman housing. Reviewed by R. J. A. Wilson.

J. Elsner:

·      32.670: J. Elsner, The art of the Roman Empire AD 100- 450, second edition. Reviewed by F. S. Kleiner.

·      25.631: J. Elsner and J. Huskinson (edd.), Life, death and representation: some new work on Roman sarcophagi. Reviewed by M. Koortbojian.

·      23.622: S. Swain, S. Harrison and J. Elsner, Severan culture. Reviewed by J. Frakes.

·      21.505: J. Elsner, Roman eyes. Visuality and subjectivity in art and text. Reviewed by E. E. Perry.

·      15.651: S. E. Alcock, J. F. Cherry and J. Elsner (edd.), Pausanias. Travels and memory in Roman Greece. Reviewed by D. Knoepfler.

·      11.557: J. Elsner (ed.), Art and text in Roman culture. Reviewed by R. Brilliant.

·      9.375 and 9.580: J. Elsner, Art and the Roman viewer. The transformation of art from the pagan world to the Christian world. Reviewed by J. R. Clarke and by D. Janes.

H. Elton:

·      11.644: H. Elton, Frontiers of the Roman empire. Reviewed by E. L. Wheeler.

·      7.503: J. Drinkwater and H. Elton (edd.), Fifth-century Gaul: a crisis of identity? Reviewed by G. Woolf.

D. Emmanuel-Rebuffat:

·      13.407: D. Emmanuel-Rebuffat, France 1, Paris Louvre III (Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum). Reviewed by F. R. Serra Ridgway.

·      5.279: D. Emmanuel-Rebuffat, Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum: France I, Paris- Musée du Louvre I and II. Reviewed by F. R. Serra Ridgway.

J.-Y. Empereur:

·      17.551: J.-Y. Empereur and M.-D. Nenna (edd.), Nécropolis 2. Reviewed by M. Venit.

H. Engelmann:

·      17.469: B. Dreyer and H. Engelmann, Die Inschriften von Metropolis I. Reviewed by C. P. Jones.

M. Ennaïfer:

·      26.810: C. Balmelle, A. Bourgeois, H. Broise, J.-P. Darmon et M. Ennaïfer, Carthage, colline de l’Odéon. Maisons de la Rotonde et du Cryptoportique (recherches 1987-2000). Reviewed by J. Freed.

C. Entwistle:

·      27.731: C. Entwistle & N. Adams (edd.), ‘Gems of heaven’. Recent research on engraved gemstones in late antiquity, c.AD 200-600. Reviewed by L. Herring-Harrington.

P. Erdkamp:

·      20.491: P. Erdkamp, The grain market in the Roman empire. Reviewed by N. Morley.

·      14.465: P. Erdkamp, Hunger and the sword: warfare and food supply in Roman Republican wars (264-30 BC). Reviewed by C. E. P. Adams.

W. Erhardt:

·      3.255: W. Erhardt, Stilgeschichtliche Untersuchungen an römischen Wandmalereien. Reviewed by E. W. Leach.

K. T. Erim:

·      4.356: K. T. Erim, Aphrodisias, city of Venus Aphrodite. Reviewed by M. Le Glay.

H. Eristov:

·      25.825: C. Balmelle, H. Eristov et F. Monier (edd.), Décor et architecture en Gaule entre l’Antiquité et le Haut Moyen Äge: mosaïque, peinture, stuc. Reviewed by R. Ling.

R. Ergeç:

·     27.855: C. Abadie-Reynal & R. Ergeç, Zeugma I. Fouilles de l’habitat (1). La mosaïque de Pasiphae. Reviewed by R. Ling.

R. M. Errington:

·     21.719: R. M. Errington, Roman imperial policy from Julian to Theodosius. Reviewed by F. G. B. Millar.

Y. Er Scarborough:

·     32.900: Y. Er Scarborough, The funerary monuments of Rough Cilicia and Isauria. Reviewed by H. Elton.

A. Erskine:

·      16.479: A. Erskine, Troy between Greece and Rome. Reviewed by C. B. Rose.

C. Ertel:

·      32.615: K. S. Freyberger und C. Ertel(†), Die Basilica Aemilia auf dem Forum Romanum in Rom. Reviewed by P. Gros.

S. Esmonde Cleary:

·    25.781: R. Laurence, S. Esmonde Cleary and G. Sears, The city in the Roman West, c.250 BC–c.AD 250. Reviewed by J. Sewell.

M. J. Estarán Tolosa:

·    32.736: M. J. Estarán Tolosa, Epigrafía bilingüe del Occidente romano. El latín y las lenguas locales en las inscripciones bilingües y mixtas. Reviewed by R. R. Benefiel & S. Cruz Gutiérrez.

S. Estiot:

·      18.741: S. Estiot, Monnaies de l’empire romain XII.1. D’Aurélien à Florien. Reviewed by W. E. Metcalf.

E. Ettlinger:

·      6.411: E. Ettlinger, et al.Conspectus formarum terrae sigillatae italico modo confectae. Reviewed by K. W. Slane.

M. Euzennat:

·      5.401: M. Euzennat, Le Limes de Tingitane. La frontière méridionale. Reviewed by M. Speidel.

V. Evangelidis:

·    33.825: V. Di Napoli, F. Camia, V. Evangelidis et al. (edd.), What’s new in Roman Greece? Recent work on the Greek mainland and the islands in the Roman period. Reviewed by A. Kouremenos.

C. J. Evans:

·      15.621: P. Leach with C. J. Evans, Excavation of a Romano-British roadside settlement in Somerset: Fosse Lane, Shepton Mallett 1990. Reviewed by P. Booth.

E. Evans:

·      14.610: E. Evans, The Caerleon canabae: excavations in the civil settlement 1984-1990. Reviewed by P. Salway.

H. B. Evans:

·      26.525: H. B. Evans, Exploring the kingdom of Saturn: Kircher’s Latium and its legacy. Reviewed by C. J. Smith.

·      16.536: H. B. Evans, Aqueduct hunting in the seventeenth century. Reviewed by C. Bruun.

B. C. Ewald:

·      15.507: B. C. Ewald, Der Philosoph als Leitbild: Ikonographische Untersuchungen an römischen Sarkophagreliefs. Reviewed by J. Trimble.

C. Ewigleben:

·      14.492: E. Köhne and C. Ewigleben (edd.), Caesaren und Gladiatoren. Die Macht der Unterhaltung im antiken Rome. Reviewed by K. Welch.

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